I’ve decided to start a section in my blog with random mom thoughts.

The other week I took my kids to the park and let them play. I parked far away from the playground so we were able to walk past a pond and enjoy the scenery. Sunny skies, cool breeze, kids happy = happy mama.

A lot of my friends (especially those with 1 or less kids) tell me I’m a ‘super mom’ for doing simple tasks like going to the park with 3 little ones. But let me give out a little secret: It’s WAY easier to go out with little ones than stay at home. When you let kids run and chase each other without having to yell at them to stop, when you don’t have to walk into the kitchen every 3 minutes to make a snack, when you don’t need to regulate your kids fighting every 5 minutes: life is better. Without all the mess of the house, the piled up dirty diapers, nasty day old dishes, the screaming and crying… there’s a chance to witness moments like this photo. And I live for these.

I love taking my kids to the park.. ESPECIALLY if the park is about a 15 minute drive away… because chances are: I’ll grab a Venti on the way (Thank goodness for drive-thru’s) AND my kids will even take a nap in the car on the way back home! ‘Super Mom’ my ass… it’s more of a survival tactic.

(p.s: I parked far away from the playground so my kids would be a little more tired at the end of their playtime) you’re welcome.

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