I didn’t expect Eczema

You expect the sleepless nights, the teething, colds and fevers, baby proofing the house etc… but little expect eczema. I sure didn’t. It’s a day to day struggle just to keep my baby’s skin hydrated and I’m SO glad I have the opportunity to collab with Eczema Honey Co and share their product with you.

Eczema Honey NUT FREE

Ok, ok. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes right about now thinking “Another collab? I wonder how much she got paid to post about this product.” If you’d like to give me just a moment to explain my story please read on.

** Please note, this post has affiliate links. If you’re in the market to purchase Eczema Honey or other related products you can use any of the links in this post and I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I’ve probably dropped a good $1000+ on lotions at Target and Walmart. I’ve spent even more on doctors and treatment regimens. I regularly search on Google and Amazon day in and out for new eczema related products. I’ll spend every last penny I have if it means my baby wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. If you’re still reading you’re probably in the same or similar shoes.

If you’re like me and have a child with Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) you’ve probably seen the ads on your Facebook or Instagram feed for a product called Eczema Honey. I was seeing tons of positive comments, reviews,  and posts online. Like anyone else who’s been disappointed over and over again with lotions and creams that just don’t work, I shook my head, saw this as another ‘too good to be true’ product, and scrolled up.

Then a surprise

Someone I actually knew purchased Eczema Honey and told me about their results: Clear skin in 14 days. Healed her baby’s red and chapped skin from the inside out. From that moment on I was eyeing this product and started researching what could be making it so effective.  What kept me from purchasing right away? Fear of being let down and being $30 poorer.

A couple months after that Eczema Honey Co reached out to me for a collab and words couldn’t even describe how excited I was for this! I received my package just a day or two before leaving for NJ just 2 weeks ago.

Here’s a look at my Eczema Honey Co. package when I received it

Well packaged, clean and modern. The items I received were the Nut Free Eczema Honey Healing Creams. Maverick isn’t allergic to nuts as far as I can tell but it’s good to know this product is produced at a completely separate facility than the Original Healing Cream which contains nuts.

Application of Eczema Honey

On the directions there are 2 ways to apply Eczema Honey onto the skin.

  1. Rub a dime sized amount on the effected area 1-3 times a day.
  2. Apply a thicker layer for a 20 minute mask. Wash off with a warm towelette for a moisturized finish.

I went with method 1 just because I wasn’t sure how I was going to apply a mask on a 8 month old without getting it everywhere.

Texture and feel of Eczema Honey

When you first open your jar you’ll see it looks more like a light ointment than a cream. After I applied Eczema Honey onto Mavericks face my hands felt sticky… tacky? Something of that sort. It is explained as so in the directions that came with my jars:

“This is the natural lipd bi-layer that is created once the cream soaks in. This layer acts as a protecting barrier and ensures the healing process.”

The first ingredient is Organic Pure Honey and it also contains Organic Grated Beeswax so the texture and feel were definitely expected, but did I like it? No, I don’t like the feeling of this product on my hands for too long so I wash them  after applying it on baby Maverick.  It’s possible that you’ll be able to ignore the tacky feeling if the Eczema Honey was applied to a different area like the face. I haven’t tried it.

But does it work?

Yes and no.

No, because Eczema Honey Does Not Cure Eczema, Nor do they claim it does.

But YES, it definitely has a way of locking in moisture and helping the healing process

For us, Eczema Honey has been more effective than the following products:

Of course, everyone’s skin is different and what didn’t work for us can definitely work for you! Read the reviews on Amazon and other sites and make a balanced decision about your purchase.

You can save 15% off every jar when you subscribe to Eczema Honey Co.

This is great because you’ll never run out of Eczema Honey and you’ll receive your discount. You can choose to receive your product once a month or once every 2 months.

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Applying Eczema Honey (and other products) on Maverick

Ok, so let me get into how I’ve been applying products on Maverick lately. Before I do this let me go over our situation.

Maverick is currently 8.5 months old. His eczema is concentrated on the following areas:

  • Cheeks
  • Inside and around his ears
  • Sides of his head
  • Upper torso
  • Back of his neck
  • Inside the folds of his arms and legs
  • His wrists and hands
  • Ankles and top of feet

He suffers from flares that start off as red skin that looks like he was slapped. This quickly escalates to a weepy wet looking rash that is inflamed and hot to the touch. Once the flare can calm down a bit he has patches of dry flaky skin left where his flares were concentrated. He has a sensitivity or allergy (not sure yet) to eggs.

NOTE: I must add that I am not a doctor! You need to check in with your doctor before trying anything you find online. Period.

Here are my current steps to calm down Maverick’s Eczema flares:

1. Keep cool. When Maverick Is having a flare his skin is red, inflamed and hot to the touch. I use a wet paper towel or spray bottle of water on the skin to help cool down the flare. And YES, IT DOES MATTER WHAT KIND OF WATER YOU USE! I’ll get into more details on this soon! It’s way too much info to squeeze into this post. Stay Tuned!

2. Hydrate and lock in the moisture the best you can. Once the skin is wet (or straight out of the bath too!) lightly pat dry and use a lighter lotion or something of the sort that will seep into the skin quickly. Currently using (Eczema Honey) This alone doesn’t work as effectively… we need to use a thicker emollient on top to trap the moisture onto the skin. Our doctor suggested Vaseline but there are tons of options out there that aren’t as sticky and won’t stain your clothes. I have been using Vanicream for this step and love it!

3. Be diligent. It’s hard work to keep up with your baby’s skin drying out. When your baby has a clear day that’s when you need to focus even more on hydrating and try to extend the amount of time between each flare. I will do the above steps 2-3 times a day. In between I will use some Vanicream if I notice the skin looking dry.

Let me add (confess to) this too:

When Maverick’s flares get too crazy, like a lot crazier than usual, I’ll use the steroid ointment he was prescribed.  (please no mom shaming!) We will usually have to resort to this every 10-14 days. I just can’t watch my baby scratch and scrape layers of skin off just because ‘I need him to heal naturally’. Personally, I believe that the healing process can be amplified if you focus on first STOPPING THE SCRATCHING and taking care of the skin even more on the ‘clear’ days rather than slathering on a bunch of stuff when you’re in the middle of a flare.

That’s just me and my opinion tho.

When it comes to eczema each child is different and what works on my 2nd won’t work on my 3rd. Both of my eczema baby’s react differently to certain foods and even lotions so your situation may not align perfectly with mine. I hope if you’re in need of some advice,  and just plain and simple opinions and info you’ll be leaving my page with just that.  When it comes to Eczema, I truly feel like the more knowledge you have of your product options the better choices you can make for you and your little one.

Eczema Honey Co provides a product that helps to heal and protect the skin  naturally. Although this is a collab, this is an actual product I am using on my kids daily and love. Check out their IG @eczemahoneyco and sign up for emails on their site for promotions ❤️

YES, I do need to make a living. This is why I have links and ads in my posts. If you do decide to purchase anything using my links I will get a small commission for each sale at absolutely no extra cost to you. This will provide me with the ability to continue blogging and doing what I love! Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day!

17 thoughts to “Eczema mom here, Here’s my experience with Eczema Honey Co.

  • Ann R

    Thank you for this review. I been on a journey looking for something for son. I tried otc products (lotion, cream, wash etc), steroid cream, non steroid cream (not covered by my insurance), rodan + fields soothe line (over $280), natural remedies (apple cider vinegar & epsom salt bath), African bar soap, allergy medicine, the list seems endless. Then I realized i need to stop focusing his eczema and focus on his itchy skin. My sons skin is so dry. I don’t know what to do anymore. I honestly that r+f soothe would work but it made his skin more dry. When I see his skin, I feel so helpless. I have not try this eczema honey but very interested but skeptical.

    • becausemomlife

      Hello and thanks for your comment! Eczema is one of the biggest struggles I have with my 2 younger ones and my heart goes out to you and your situation. It truly is a day to day struggle and there have been many times I just wanted to give up. Hang in there! I personally believe that when the skin flares there’s not much we can do but use the prescriptions from our doctors but the every day daily moisturizing is key. Maintaining as much moisture as possible (in addition to keeping baby/child away from allergens or triggers) is very important. Another great way to keep baby moisturized is a luke warm bath and a liberal amount of vaseline to lock in any moisture the skin might have soaked up during the bath. (will be posting more about this soon) Good luck to you and hope you find ways to soothe baby!

    • Joan

      Hi, my name is Joan. I suffered from eczema as a child and adult. I suffer from dry skin too but I found that drinking at least 4, 8oz of water daily and using extra virgin olive oil in cooking food, helps reduce the flare ups. I also use oatmeal baths to sooth, use coconut oil to moisturize and vaseline to hold the moisture in; regular Dove soap is good to wash in because it’s moisturizing or an oatmeal soap. I am not a doctor, just someone living with eczema.

      • becausemomlife

        Thanks so much for that info! I’m definitely trying a few of those suggestions out asap.

  • becausemomlife

    Please do ask away! 🙂

  • Tiffana

    I’m right there with you. Probably haven’t spent $1000 yet, but after several hundred, I become more and more skeptical with each buy. I’ve just ordered the nur free cream and of course I’m hoping it works. Right now I pretty much have my 2 year old son soak in water and then quickly apply aquaphor to lock in the moisture and with really bad flare ups use the steroids provided by dr and some Zyrtec to help him sleep. I have a question, or want clarity, in what regimen you use with the cream. You do the water, pat try, do the honey co cream and then the ointment on top? Or do you do it in place of the ointment (aquaphor for us)? How long does a jar, honestly, last you? Do you do it once or twice on a regular day?

    • becausemomlife

      Hey Tiffana thanks for your question. I bathe, pat dry, eczema honey (or lotion), then thick ointment on top. I would do this once or twice a day (depending on how dry my sons skin was). I’ve also noticed that using hot water for a bath just made his skin more dry. Luke warm and quick is the way to go (5-10min long bath). A jar usually lasts me a little less than 2 weeks. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions or updates!

  • Livbomb

    No mom shaming here but the flares you are describing sound more like topical steroid withdrawal.

    • becausemomlife

      I agree. I felt the same for a time but after multiple doctor and dermatologist appointments it was confirmed that my son wasn’t having withdrawals (because of the amount and topical steroid used and also the amount of time in between each use). but ty!

      • Livbomb

        My son went into withdrawal just after two weeks of using topical steroids. It is very possible, and what you are describing sounds exactly like TSW. Babies and children are extremely susceptible, even with low potency steroids. Please look further into it and check out ITSAN.org

        On another note, I purchased eczema honey for my baby he is 8 months old. I was worried about using honey on him being under the age of one, but is it okay to apply topically?

        • becausemomlife

          Read your comment awhile back and finally getting back to you. Sorry for that delay! From my knowledge honey is ok to use topically and the company states that their product is safe for
          babies and toddlers. https://eczemahoneyco.com/pages/faq You can always double check with a pediatrician too.

  • Donna

    Thank you for all the advice. My 19year old has dealt with eczema her whole life. The ocean helps in summer and she said yesterday,” It doesn’t even hurt ( red almost raw skin) anymore. She has such scarred feet. I hope this will help calm her itching if nothing else.

    • becausemomlife

      Thank you! Taking things one day at a time

  • Lee

    Such a thoughtful and thorough post. Thank you!! Just ordered a jar through your link.

    • becausemomlife

      oh wow, thank you so much!

  • Kara

    Hello, i notice u said ur baby may have an allergy to eggs. May i suggest seeing an allergist. My daughter started having eczema at 3months old we changed formulas 3 times, seen a dermatologist at 9 months, but nothing seem to work. She always had flare ups especially on her face. Finally did an allergy test and found out she was allergic to peanuts, soy, wheat, eggs, milk. Avoiding those foods still didn’t help much. Until we seen an allergist at 15 months he gave her medicine n cream. It made a huge difference. Peanuts she differently can’t have but the medicine helps her body tolerate the others so she doesn’t flare up. Her face isn’t 100% better but 95% better. We only seen allergist twice so far.

  • Cass

    This was so helpful thank you. I appreciate your transparency. I loved that you added you use a steroid cream from time to time. If it helps to alleviate symptoms and soothe, why not? Thanks for your honesty. I just received this in the mail so crossing my fingers it helps. Take care 🙂


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