Mom Review: Autobrush V3 For Kids

If you haven’t seen or heard of Autobrush yet, you’re about to get your mind blown.

AutoBrush V3 review

Let me start off by explaining what Autobrush is.

AutoBrush is an electric toothbrush. Redesigned and effective , this is an electric toothbrush you don’t even have to hold up and brush your teeth with. It’s shaped like a mouth guard and you just gently bite down and the device will gently brush your teeth. Sounds amazing right?

Now imagine your kids with this device… YES, no more having to brush for them. No more wondering if they have to brush again. No more having to drag them into the bathroom to brush their teeth, because trust me, they’re gonna love AutoBrush.

AutoBrush Kids V3 unboxing video

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AutoBrush Kids V3 Pros & Cons Review


  • You need your own plug: This product comes with the USB charger, not the actual plug that goes into the wall. You’ll have to borrow the plug from your phone or other devices at home to charge the AutoBrush V3

Here’s a similar plug I found on Amazon that has 2 USB ports so I could charge both of our Autobrushes at the same time and place.

Dual Port Ultra Thin Flat USB Wall Charger
  • The light doesn’t really do anything: At first glance I really thought the red light from the toothbrush was going to be some kind of super powered sanitizing light lol! The light doesn’t do anything besides look cool which isn’t really a pro or con I guess.
  • Brushing with AutoBrush is an adjustment: We’ve been using this product for about 4-5 days and the kids are just starting to get used to them. Although they really enjoy brushing, they didn’t quite understand how to get their teeth clean with the mouth guard shaped bristles. Instead of letting the brush work for 1 session (30 seconds) I make them run it twice or 3 times.
  • The size of the brush really matters: In one of my videos my oldest says”The brush is like hitting the back of my throat”. I didn’t get what he was saying at the time but I quickly realized that the 8+ size AutoBrush was too big for him. His front teeth were not reaching the bristles and therefore were not getting brushed properly. Make sure you check the sizes on the website before purchasing.


  • The kids finally want to brush their teeth: It’s a struggle to get my kids to the bathroom in the mornings (who am I kidding , at night too) to wash up and brush their teeth. Now they get so excited about it that they’re running into the bathrooms before I am and fighting over the step stool for who can brush first.
  • It works: Although the 8+ size was too big for my oldest the 3-7 year old size was just perfect for my 3 year old. I’ve been checking Melanie’s teeth after every brush session and I don’t see or feel plaque.
  • It plays music: The V3 plays a jungle beat that the kids just love! I love how my kids are starting off every morning with a quick brush and a happy dance. It would be great to be able to upload your own music in the future too! (*hint hint* AutoBrush!)
  • Foaming toothpaste: Have I been living under a rock? Do you guys see foaming toothbrush in the stores? I haven’t. The kids think it’s fun and I just get the feeling a foaming toothpaste would clean better because it would reach more tiny spaces in the mouth. The toothpaste AutoBrush provides is great and most importantly, safe! (non-GMO and fluoride free!)
  • Once fully charged, it stays charged for good while: Although we’ve only been using AutoBrush for a little less than a week, we haven’t had to charge it yet (yes, right out of the box! – I know it says to charge fully before using but whatever). You can easily tell how much battery life you have left my placing the brush on the charging pad. If all the lights are red, it’s charged. The less lights are on, the more you need to charge.
  • It’s cleaner and lasts longer: The AutoBrush features silicone mouth guard and bristles which are easier to clean than your traditional nylon bristles. (not to mention softer and probably safer for sensitive gums). Also, I don’t have any science to back this up but the bristles are a rubbery silicone material. It feels similar to the clear silicone used in baby bottle nipples. I’ve accidentally dropped a baby bottle nipple in my sink disposal one time and nothing happened to it. I’m assuming the AutoBrush bristles are just as durable.

So, is it worth the price?

Ok, I’ll do some math and you decide if it’s worth it.

I was spending about $4.00 on a kids toothbrush every month which would come out to about $48 dollar per year. I pay another $4.00 for kids toothpaste every month which is about $48.00.

Total for the year with a regular electric toothbrush and toothpaste? $98 per kid.

The Autobrush V3 Kids Bundle (brush and toothpaste) is $105
I don’t know how long the toothpaste is going to last and maybe the bristles on the AutoBrush won’t hold up for as long I thought.. So, an extra toothpaste is $10 each and the Kids replacement bristles are another $8.

Estimate total for a year with AutoBrush? $133


For an extra $35 / year I can have happy-to-brush-kids and clean teeth.
I don’t know about you, but this is totally worth it for me.


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