So let me start off by stating that we received a complimentary Glitter Girls doll and accessories directly from Glitter Girls. Although this was a promo, I will also add that this and any other reviews on my blog are 100% my (and my kids) opinions and unbiased regardless of if we received this toy as a gift or not.

Also, This post contains ads and affiliate links that are related to the topic of this post. If you decide to purchase something using one of my links I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. (It would definitely motivate me to write more so, thanks if you do!)


What was in our package

We received:

  • Candice Glitter Girls doll
  • Donut Delivery Scooter
  • Light Up Sneakers

Everything was well packaged and nothing was broken (CHECK)

Glittler Girls Candice Doll , Donut Delivery Scooter, Light Up Sneakers

Glitter Girls Candice Overview

The Candice GG (Glitter Girls) doll is going for $20.95 at the time of writing. All GG dolls are posable – meaning the arms and legs bend and the body rotates at the hips. GG dolls are 14″ tall meaning you can’t use the clothing and accessories from your Our Generations or American Girl doll. But I will say, I do like the smaller size, it’s just lighter and easier for my 3yo to carry around. And believe me, when she’s stuck on a toy she will carry it EVERYWHERE.


GG dolls hair is Nylon which is somewhat easier to to tame and style than your typical Barbie hair (Saran) but not necessarily as soft and easy to brush out as an Our Generation doll – if that makes sense.

All accessories are removable and the bow that comes with Candice is an actual bow with metal clip ,not just a rubber band.

All clothes and bow are attached to the doll at first by a thread? Band? I didn’t get to see it but it’s attached. This is completely fine with me because Melanie likes to play dress up with the dolls but never dresses any of them back up (Yes, I have a few naked dolls rolling around my house). It’s just easier to keep original outfit on for me.

Glitter Girls Dolls on Amazon

GG dolls are BPA, phthalate, and lead FREE.
It’s hard to find toys without these ingredients these days, especially if you’re shopping online. This is a major plus for me.

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Interview with Melanie about her Glitter Girls Dolls Set

Mom: Hi Melanie, how do you like your Glitter Girls doll?

Melanie: I like Candice, she has a pretty skirt on.

Mom: What do you like most about it?

Melanie: I like her clothes and her hair. Look mom! Her shoes can light up too!

Mom: Oh, that’s so cute! Is she going to deliver Donuts?

Melanie: No, Those are all for me!

Ok, so I didn’t get much valuable information from this interview but it was so freaking cute! She did mention (at 2am that night) that “Candice doesn’t sleep” which was a little creepy. But yeah, the Glitter Girls eyes don’t shut when you lay her down.


Donut Delivery Scooter

This was the part of our package that had my kids flippin’ on each other. (More in my IG Stories – if you missed it follow me! Please don’t leave me alone with these kids, come say hi!) The Donut Delivery Scooter headlights light up and turns off on its own after a minute or so. It also plays a short tune for about 5-7 seconds which I LOVE because the last thing I need is a toy to make noise for any longer than that. So Thank You, Donut Delivery Scooter designer!


The Scooter comes with a cute pink helmet and the side door opens up to 3 removable shelves filled with cute little donuts. 2 of the same design and 24 donuts in total. Heart shaped, cat shaped, pink with sprinkles, chocolate and more. I do have 24 mini donuts sprinkled all over my floor now but the kids love them. The only thing I can add about the donuts is that if you have a younger one who still puts things in their mouth you might want to keep these away for now. The donuts are very small and just the right size to be swallowed. They do mention that this toy is for kids 3 and older on their website.

One did not survive

In my house, all toys have to survive a “Category M” storm or it get’s tossed in the trash. If a toy can survive a few days without being broken by my savage little kids, it holds a spot in our toy bin.

The only thing that didn’t make it past the durability test were the balloons on the Scooter. My kids broke the balloons in less than 2 seconds from getting it out of the package followed by a “oops… mom? Can you fix this?”

The balloons are adorable.. But unfortunately, they didn’t make it past the storm.


Light Up Shoes

We were not expecting these little cuties to arrive but here they are! When you press the soles of the shoes they light up for about 5 seconds. The fabric is a shiny, glittery and the sneakers are winged! The laces are real so you’ll ave to tie them… Pro Tip: double knot so your kid doesn’t come back for the hundreth time to re-tie the shoes.

The first thing Melanie did was switch the Candice doll flats to these light up ones. So flippin’ cute! I can’t seem to find them online or on their website which can only mean they haven’t been released yet. Here’s a closer look.

Glitter Girls Flutter Fun Light Up Doll Shoes

Ok, that’s it! Conclusion

Melanie loves the Glitter Girls Candice Doll and Donut Delivery Scooter sets. Not 100% of this toy made it through the first few days in my house but the kids still love it. The Glitter Girls dolls and accessories are affordable, made with safe non toxic materials, and good quality for the price. The designs are super cute and they have a lot to choose from. This toy is a big thumbs up from us!

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