I pretty much went through 2 1/2 kids without using any type of diaper delivery services. I mean, I was always at Target or out shopping anyway – there was no need. Drive-up at was good enough for me… Until I was gifted a delivery of diapers and wipes from Abby & Finn.

Why get your diapers delivered?

Picture this: Carrying into the house a huge box of diapers from the car – whilst holding 5 bags of groceries and 3 backpacks while closing the car door with your foot and yelling at your kids to get out of the street…

Well… I’m still holding a lot of stuff these days but not having the diaper box and the heavy box of wipes is a small burden that’s no longer relevant to my life, and it feels pretty good. Another reason having your diapers and wipes delivered is that you’ll always have some at hand – Abby & Finn (along with a whole list of companies) offers a subscription service so you won’t even have to remember to order. Another chore out of my way *boom* (mommin’ just got a tad easier don’t you think?)

Abby & Finn diapers and wipes have arrived!

How we got started

I got the opportunity to be gifted a box of diapers and wipes from Abby & Finn recently. The website is beautifully made and easy to use. You can try our the brand with a trial pack of diapers (8) and wipes (20) for free! Well, just pay the shipping fee of $7.95. This is a great way to start because I soon realized that Abby & Finn isn’t available in your local retail stores or on Amazon. Only on their website.

Beauty Mom Hack: Use a baby wipe as a makeup remover. Depending on the brand it could be cheaper but most definitely has less chemicals than your average makeup remover wipe.

– from a mom who ran out of makeup wipes that one time

So, more importantly, how was it?

I never really dug deep and explored the subject of Baby Diaper Subscriptions until now… Is it really cheaper? Is it better quality? Which brand is truly the best?

All of these are valid questions and it really depends on what your needs are, what your budget is and what you’re used to using. Throughout the infancy of all 3 of my children I’ve tried all the brands of diapers…. if you’ve heard of it, I’ve tried it (including cloth diapers!) and I could say, I really do like the Abby & Finn diapers.

The One Con

This is a major one in my opinion: It’s expensive! I did some math and the price for each (size 6) diaper comes out to $0.67 each which includes shipping costs to SoCal. Ouch. Hello Bello seems to be spending some money on advertising lately and so I went to their website to check it out. The price for a size 6 diaper came out to $.59 including shipping to the same address. I will add though: I’ve seen a good number of Hello Bello customers complaining about absorbency issues which I’ll get into in a moment.

The Pros

Super soft & safe

I love non-toxic pure diapers, but why are most of them so stiff? The one thing that kind of turned me off from Honest and Seventh Gen was the stiff paper-like material is was made from. I’m sure it was the result of a lot of softening chemicals taken out but with a little one with Eczema, the texture of the diaper is really important to me.

Abby & Finn is an amazing brand that uses ZERO chlorine, fragrances, lotions, dyes or latex. The Abby & Finn diapers are soft – similar to the texture of a Pampers Swaddlers. The wipes from Abby & Finn are also super safe (made with only 4 ingredients) and made for sensitive little bottoms. The texture of the wipes are similar to Up and Up wipes. Maverick hasn’t had any negative reactions or chaffing. The wipes have been cleaning well, and I only need to use 1 wipe. (Wipe fold, wipe fold, wipe). Awesome.


Additional note: The prints are cute and they have 4 to choose from or 1 blank white. Not a huge selection, but I don’t really care about the print on my baby’s diaper to begin with. Do you?

The Overnight Test

A diaper doesn’t mean sh*t if it can’t hold the sh*t in, you feel me? I’ve bought into brands for being organic, safe, cute, cheap… and all that doesn’t mean anything to me if it can’t do what it was made for: holding in excrement while keeping the baby and my house dry, right?

Abby & Finn passed the overnight test in my house. I don’t know how much water Maverick drank before sleeping but we had a nearly exploding diaper last night, you know, the type of diaper that’s hanging low off your kids body when they stand up?.. Buut the sheets were clean!

Conclusion: So am I a customer or nah?

Luckily, my diaper changing days are at a near end. Maverick is 2 years old and will be off the diaper soon enough. However, you’ll find that even long after your toddlers are off the diaper you will continue to purchase wipes. Because wipes don’t seem to effect Maverick’s Eczema at all, I would have to fall back on the price and Abby & Finn is still on the expensive side at $0.15 per wipe including shipping. I could purchase Water Wipes (a well known pure wipe) for $0.05 each on Amazon.

If you don’t have to budget this is definitely a brand worth trying out. But if you’re part of the ‘normal folk’ group there are many similar options out there that won’t burn a hole through your wallet. Final answer: Personally, I would not be an Abby & Finn customer due to financial reasons. But I do respect the quality of their product!


What do you think? Have you tried Abby & Finn products? What do you think?

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