A few months ago I was contacted to collab with Delta Children. This wasn’t the first time and I’m crossing my fingers it won’t be the last. We received a Lighting McQueen Toddler Bed and my 2 yo is beyond ecstatic!

Special Delivery from Delta Children via Walmart.com!

*This post is sponsored but I will continue to keep my blog posts as unbiased and honest as possible. Also, as always, this post contains affiliate links.

What makes the McQueen Bed from Delta Children special?

My little ones enjoying our new Lightning McQueen Bed

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It just looks the best

I Googled Lightning McQueen Toddler Bed and there are quite a few designs and brands out there. Besides, Disney Cars is kind of a big deal. Out of the hundreds of links and photos that popped up on my search the Delta Children Cars Convertible Toddler-to-Twin Bed stood out. The plastic material is sturdy, smooth and shaped like the McQueen character. The sticker decals were a bit of work (which I will get into later- but the design is accurate.

This bed can be used with standard baby mattress or a twin

Anything that can be used for years to come is a major plus in my book. Why spend the money for a toddler bed only to have to buy another in a twin size later on? I can promise you that we’ll be using this bed for Maverick until he’s at least 9-10? He’s now 2. We can use it for maybe even longer if he’s o.k with it.

It has storage

Maverick doesn’t have his own room just yet so he doesn’t have an official place to keep all his toys. Not that he has a lot to call his own at the moment, but it’s still nice. When the McQueen bed is setup in toddler size the hood of the car opens into storage. When he’s big enough to fit in a twin size bed this set comes with extra panels that will create a free standing McQueen toy box.

The little details

Maverick’s favorite part of this McQueen bed was the little steering wheel. it even comes with decal stickers to show the gauges. There are also headlights that light up. To turn them on you just press it and the best part? They turn off on their own in minute or so and batteries are included.

The Delta Children Lightning McQueen Toddler Bed has headlights and the hood opens up to a storage bin.
So cute, It even has a steering wheel!

It’s Strong

My 3 kids are a total of 140lbs and they’ve been jumping on and off the spoiler and hood for the past week. Not even a scratch. This thing is pretty much indestructible.

Any cons?

Yes, I did notice a few things that needed work. I was reading through some negative reviews to research before writing this blog and here are the things I have to agree with.

It’s freaking hard to put together

I don’t know this first hand because my husband is the designated furniture builder in my house but he did confirm that this wasn’t an easy build. You definitely need an electric drill and 2 people. Here’s how he explained it:

If you’re building a Lego or even an IKEA item the pieces just fit perfectly as long as you follow the directions. With this bed you have to wiggle some the screws and panels around. You have to be pretty patient with this one. Also, there were some parts of the build that required one person to drill while another person holds a panel.


When building this McQueen Toddler bed I was in charge of the decal stickers. They look great once on but there’s a shit ton of them.

Good things take time, I guess…

It doesn’t come with a box spring or bunky board

Ok, so I have never seen a bed come with a box spring but there’s usually a bunky board and this McQueen bed doesn’t have one. It states that it’s optional in the description on the website which means you can buy one if you really want it but the bed itself is already $500+. The bunky board purchase is on our to-do list but for now: Maverick’s mattress is flat on the floor. He doesn’t seem to mind and I guess that’s what matters most.

You have to be home to accept the delivery

I’m not sure if this is really a pro or con but for me it was an annoyance so I’ll write it in the ‘con’ section. I was sent the McQueen Toddler bed from Walmart.com. Once an order is placed you’ll be contacted by a freight company to set up a time and date for your item to be delivered. You need to be home and they need a signature. I had to go home during my lunch break to accept the delivery so that was a little out-of-the-way for me personally but I guess I wouldn’t want big purchase like this to be sitting at my front door either.

So if I wasn’t sponsored, would I have purchased the Lightning McQueen Toddler Bed at full price?

YES. YES. and YES. I would buy it. Totally worth it for a parent with a child into Disney Cars. This toddler bed has all the little details that kids love and it’s made well. You can use this bed for a long time and will most likely be able to re-sell it for $100+.


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  • Bobby Hawes

    I’m interested in buying parts for my toddlers Twin Bed Steve McQueen ,such as the back fin,and the windshield price. I’m missing these parts with just those stickers for those parts as well. Please email me at bobbyhawes528@gmail.com and tell me where and how much ,if not your company. Thank you ,Bobby Hawes


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