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2 weeks ago, I was sent a little 2oz. jar from Eczema Care Cream… and I need more. If you’ve been following our Eczema Journey you’ll know that we’ve tried hundreds even maybe a thousand dollars worth of lotions, creams, ointments and whatever else the world makes of eczema relief products. Eczema Care Cream is a keeper in my house.

Let me take a moment to catch you guys up on the T

My daughter Mel is now 3. She went through an insane Eczema episode (wet, weepy, red, infected skin that would crack and start all over again) as a 3 week baby all the way until she was 6 months old. After that she slowly starting showing signs of healing. We used steroid ointments mixed with Vanicream and Vaseline.

Yes, I gave in to topical steroids …and it broke me! I felt so much guilt for not being able to “heal” my daughter without all the “bad unnatural things”. But screw that, look at her now! Just a few dry-ish patches you can barely see that show up 1-3 times a year. No more steroids. She’s good!

My youngest, Maverick, is now 2. He has had eczema since the same age a Melanie but it never died down until around 2-3 months ago. His rashes were hot to the touch and inflamed. They kind of pop out of the skin like hives and itch like crazy. A while back we started rinsing him with Acidic water from our Ionizer and just smother him with Aquaphor and it seems to help. I still use topical steroids on him once every 2-3 weeks. We are currently working on stretching the time in between steroid use to once a month.

Here’s a collection of Eczema products we’ve used and liked, clicking on any of the images will take you to Amazon.

Stretching Time

There is a very popular regimen by a guy named Dr. Aaron. If you have a little one with eczema I can nearly guarantee you’ve heard of him. His method HERE. (From the National Eczema Association Website)

Although we have never used the Aron Regimen exactly, I will admit that I found his information useful in creating my own regimen for my kids.

My advice on Topical Steroid Use?

If you’ve been using topical steroids for yourself or your little one you need to focus on stretching the time out in between steroid use. Steroid Withdrawal scare is real! If you need to apply your steroids every 3 days, make it a goal to stretch that time our to 5 days. Applying every week? Try 2 weeks. Slowly but surely you are allowing your skin to heal without steroids. And that’s ultimately what you want, right?

The next step for us was to find a product that will help stretch that time in between steroid use. So far: Vanicream and Aquaphor have been my top picks.

Our newest addition to our regimen: Eczema Care Cream

I’ve tried Eczema Honey, which is an awesome product too, but Eczema Care Cream just works better for us. Here’s what I’ve noticed from our time using Eczema Care Cream for the past 1-2 weeks.

Melanie has rough skin on her arms. You can barely see it and her eczema is not nearly as itchy as it once was. I applied Eczema Care Cream on her for 1 day (a total of 3 applications) and a good amount of her skin was smooth. About 40-60% of her bumps were gone!

Maverick has rough patches on his knees. When applying Eczema Care Cream on his knees they were a little red and just about to get inflamed (I can tell when his skin is about to flare just from having so much experience with eczema). I was able to slow his flare down by 2 days applying my new eczema product! This never happens and tbh, I’m pretty ecstatic about it.

About the product:

Eczema Care Cream, like Eczema Honey, contains honey but a little (or a lot) less of it. There’s a certain type of sticky-ness from honey based creams and I don’t love it. I’m glad we have a little less honey sticky-ness with our new product. This product also contains Tea Tree oil which in my case is a plus because I think it smells good and it’s antimicrobial. Some people hate the smell, that might be a turn off for you if you’re sensitive to tea tree.

Eczema Care Cream has a VERY smooth consistency. It glides on and pretty much liquefies into your skin. A little goes a long way. I only need about a dab of the product to cover Maverick’s knee. Sadly, Maverick has eczema patches on his entire body, neck, feet, legs, and even in his scalp so the little 2 oz jar was not enough for us. I need more and I need it now!

Find out more about Eczema Care Cream directly from their website here.

Ok, wrapping this up now.

If you’ve landed on this page and read through this blog I’m sure you’re out here looking for answers! Please note that every child, every one, is different and what works for me and my family may not do anything for you and yours. Talk to your doctors, talk to your friends, research as much as possible and find your own way. Sending you much love!

Lastly, Eczema Care Cream does NOT cure Eczema, nor do they (or I) claim it does. All eczema products are created to help aid your skin in protecting itself and heal. Please consider your diet, environment and other conditions on when your Eczema journey.

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