Halloween 2020 Mom Life Pt 1

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I’m building a Halloween Maze for my kids this year so naturally I’ve been looking up a ton of Halloween ideas. Let me start off by why I wanted to take on a DIY Halloween Venus Fly Trap project.

The Ghoulish Garden Biting Blossoms by Hyde & EEK! , Biting Blood Blossoms and Halloween Peeping Poppies really caught my eye and I need one on my dinner table on October 31st. Sadly, these Hyde & EEK! items are hard to find at Target so I started to think of ways to DIY this.


Found this artificial cactus at Walmart and it was on clearance for a dollar. I started deconstructing the entire thing: cutting off each flap of the cactus, carefully uprooting the entire thing and gluing everything back together using some of the supplies I already had at home and…


The final product

So, if you’re here looking for step my step instructions on how to DIY this. I’m sorry I don’t have that for you… This post is simply to help you spark you own ideas 🙂 I do however have photos of the final product and a list of all the materials I’ve used to make this. Enjoy!

My DIY Halloween Venus Fly Trap Materials

2 items I was not able to find online were the faux flowers and leaves I used for my project. Both were found at the Dollar Tree.

Make sure to follow along my Halloween 2020 Journey with kids, visit my homepage at www.becausemomlife.com. If you’re just dying to know how I DIY’ed this in detail, just ask on my contact page.


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