Cute Orthopedic shoes

They DO exist and here’s the brand I fell in love with.


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So I’m getting old…er… I’m 34. I was recently diagnosed with Sciatica and plantar fasciitis which caused mild to severe pain that stemmed from my lower back, through my backside and down the back of my leg into my foot. It’s pretty bad on regular days and on bad days I wouldn’t be able to set my foot on the floor without wincing in pain. I couldn’t get through a shopping trip to Walmart or Target without limping half way through. Going up and down the stairs was a nightmare and chasing kids? Yea.. ok.


After a long talk with my PCP I found the root cause of my pain: Childbirth, crappy shoes for 10+ years and being barefoot at home for all of my life. I couldn’t do much about the childbirth part but I do have control over the shoes I’m wearing and so my search began.

Where are all the cute orthopedic shoes? Do I have to wear shoes that scream “ORRRRTHOPEDICCCC”? A majority of the shoes I found were things my mom would wear. (Sorry mom).


Nothing wrong with that…(mom) It just wasn’t me. I found a brand called Vionic Shoes and let me tell you, it’s been a game changer.

I have a pair of Vionic shoes for every occasion and outfit. These shoes are so well made and my Sciatic and plantar fasciitis pain are gone just after a week of wearing shoes in and out of the house. Trips to the grocery store don’t seem so long anymore and basic chores around the house got a little bit easier. My mood was lifted and I’m even thinking about working out. (Ha, maybe next week.)

Here is a list of my current favorite cute orthopedic shoes from Vionic. Enjoy!

P.S : Check out other fav items here.

Here are a few more styles that are not available on

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Any other brands you would recommend? Honestly, I just stopped looking after I found Vionic Shoes. If there’s anything else worth checking out please let me know!

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