I haven’t posted in a LONG long time but I wanted to write about this. I did it. I’ve finally found the cream that is healing my 3yo toddlers severe and stubborn Eczema. NO STEROIDS, NO ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS. Just this 1 product – ISAL Eczema Cream.

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I do hate recipe posts that have an entire 50 paragraph backstory at the beginning of their post. (just get to the recipe already!) So yes, Product first, then scroll down to read a full review and the details. You’re welcome.


ISAL Atopy Eczema Cream

Before I get into the pros and cons of ISAL Cream, Here’s a before and after photo of my toddler.

Maverick’s knees and ankles were constantly dry and itchy due to his Eczema. No matter what cream, steroid, or wrap I had on him, he would manage to take everything off in his sleep and scratch until his skin was raw. This caused scabs and we all know scabs get itchy while healing. It was a constant, never ending cycle of itching, applying cream, scabbing, scarring.

📢 Just want to add here: These results are WITHOUT any steroids!!!! In fact, I didn’t use any additional products for these results.

Maverick’s worst spots were on the inside of his arms, wrists and hands. His lower half (knees and ankles) could be covered during the day with pants and socks but his little arms and hands were constantly in the open and easier to scratch. Recently, we’re all doing a lot of hand washing and hand sanitizer is being used which causes a lot of pain for raw and open skin.

ISAL Eczema Cream Ingredients List

ISAL Eczema Cream Review

Obviously, if the title of this blog wasn’t enough, the before and after photos show you in which direction this review will be going.

YES, I absolutely think you should try this product if you or your child is suffering from Eczema.

Maverick And His Eczema – Nitty Gritty Details

Here’s the backstory for anyone who cares: I can’t take all the credit for finding this product because it was actually a friend of mine who introduced me to this product (nearly by force I might add). I was thousands of dollars deep into Eczema products and years of research ahead of her. Like, who the heck do you think you are telling me what Eczema product to buy? Did she really think she had found something that could be better than the hundred of products I’ve already tried? 😅


I was stubborn, I was prideful, and because of that I didn’t try ISAL Eczema Cream (that and this stuff is pretty expensive, more on that below). I’m so thankful she was still caring enough to put some of this product on my son while she was over because 2 days after she left my house, Maverick still wasn’t itching that very spot. It could have been coincidence, but I needed to be sure, so I bought ISAL off of eBay.

  • Additional Note: If you haven’t been following our Eczema Journey, Maverick has been using a medium strength steroid along with all and every Eczema Cream and ointment I could get my hands on since he was 3 months old, he is now 3.5yo. There were bad days, there were some that were better.
  • His Eczema moved around – at infancy his face was swollen and “wet” looking from his rashes. Around 1-2 years old his arms, neck, chest and ankles were almost always flaring. Consistent baths, change of water (alkaline, acidic, distilled, you name it I’ve tried it), and some certain creams calmed things down a bit but the Eczema would always come back within 2-3 weeks.
  • Most recently (March 2021) you can see in his before photos above, his flares were so bad he scratched deep into his skin. I covered (wet wraps), I slathered (lotion and emollients), I held his arms while he slept. I gave him baths 2, 3, 4 in the morning because he was so itchy. His skin was raw and open for nearly 3 weeks. It was a horrible cycle -> Itch, raw skin, scabs, rip scabs open, still itchy, on and on and on.

Buying ISAL Atopy Eczema Cream

I’ve searched the internet for similar products with the same or similar ingredients. Can’t find it. I’ve searched for other websites or stores that might carry ISAL Eczema Cream. Couldn’t find that either. As far as I know, ISAL Cream can only be purchased from 1 seller on eBay. This means you can’t compare prices and if they ever run out, that’s it.

Let’s talk about the price for a moment. ISAL Atopy Eczema Cream is expensive. 0.7 oz (20grams) for $50 plus shipping. If you buy 3 the price is $119 plus shipping which offers a pretty good discount. Yes, still expensive but it’s also the only product I’ve bumped into that has worked this well.

How well does ISAL Cream work?

I’ve tried this cream on myself on a mosquito bite. It was itchy and I was getting annoyed so I dabbed the tiniest amount on my bite and within a minute I didn’t itch anymore. When Maverick first started using ISAL Cream we used about 1 container per week. I dabbed a small amount on his worst spots after his bath and for the first night in a very long time, he slept through the night without grinding his teeth and waking up from itching. ISAL cream glides on smooth, doesn’t feel oily at all, and soaks into the skin almost immediately. I did read not to use to use this on open or wounded skin, but I did. Maverick was always crying when it was time to put on any lotion because it would sting, but with ISAL he didn’t mind even with peeled scabs.

I applied ISAL Cream on Maverick twice a day, morning and night, for about 2-3 days. He stopped scratching. I’ve never seen a non-steroid topical treatment work as fast as ISAL did. 1 full week in and his scabs were healing and I was down to applying ISAL once a day. Now at about a month and a half in, we’re applying ISAL Cream on Maverick once every 3-4 days. He still has a few scars and skin discoloration, but I’m happy to announce that I’m 99% certain this is the one. ISAL Atopy Eczema Cream is healing Maverick and it’s changing his life.

What’s amazing to see is Maverick’s personality change with the condition of his skin. He seems brighter, more patient, and happier, like how a normal toddler should be.

ISAL Atopy Eczema Cream Conclusion:

If you’re looking for a steroid-free option for you or your childs Eczema, please consider ISAL Cream. The ingredient list can look a little overwhelming (lots of traditional Korean Medicine) and yes, it’s expensive, but it works. I didn’t believe it and it took a few days for me to believe what was happening right in front of me. A single container lasted about 1 week – Applying on Maverick twice a day from head to toe. $50 for a week of healing was well worth it now that I saw for myself how effective this product was for us.

Please let me know if you have experience with this product! I’d love to hear about it.

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  • Beck

    I just ordered this!
    My 6 month old baby has ezcema and I’ve tried so many products. She always scratches at her legs, arms, and face. She will rub her eyes out if she could because she’s always so itchy. We have her wear this brand caller Lil Sleepies where the fabric is bamboo and there are cuffs for the hands and feet! It runs extra big so you get your money’s worth. I am curious how long did it take you for him to stop scratching after using Isal twice a day? Thank you


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