In our backyard we have a nice grape vine that makes beautiful little grapes for us every year. We never tasted them before because our animal neighbors love to eat them up before we ever get to them. This year I’ve finally found a gardening hack that works and a great way for my kids to enjoy the harvest (candied TikTok grapes)… well, mostly me. I enjoyed it the most I think…

Cover Your Grapes

If you didn’t know already, Facebook is a great place to find niche groups to ask questions and get ideas. I found it to be even better than Pinterest and Google only because you can talk to real people with the same interests in nearly real time. I’ve found very useful information on House Plants, Gardening, Exotic Pets, Costco Finds, Trader Joes Recipes, Holistic Remedies etc etc, If more than a few people are interested in the topic, there’s a group for it on FB.

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This year I bumped into a post on a Gardening FB group that featured a simple hack to protecting your grapes from animals: Plastic Clam Shells. Not only are these pretty much free (with the purchase of produce or fruit from the grocery store) but they do an incredible job at protecting your harvest. I used this hack specifically for grapes but i can imagine that it would work with tomatoes and other produce as well.

So I finally harvested my grapes!

And guess what? They were SO sour😂 Made me wonder how the raccoon family enjoyed them so much. No one in my house wanted to eat them. I was just about to toss the whole harvest out when I bumped into a Jell-o Grapes TikTok recipe. Have you seen it? If you haven’t here’s the post:


Best summer treat ever! You’re welcome 🍇🥶 #summertreat #loganpaulvsfloydmayweather

♬ original sound – Bailey Brady🤍

Literally the easiest, most fool proof recipe. And my goodness, our grapes taste amazing. Thank You Internet! You don’t need sour grapes to enjoy these, the recipe works even better with sweet grapes from the store.

TikTok Jell-o Candied Grapes

1 bag of grapes
1/2 – 2/3 packet of Jello powder (we used sugar free strawberry)

1. Pluck your grapes off the vine
2. Wash them (don’t dry but drain) and put them inside a 1 gal ziplock bag
3. add your Jell-o flavor of choice
4. Shake up to cover all grapes and freeze for about an hour
5. Enjoy!

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